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Palma Info has proven reliability and patent database skills to provide patent searching to support R&D, competitor awareness, patent prosecution and legal decisions. Palma Information staff have experience in:

  • Prior Art Searches
  • Validity Searches
  • Patentability/ Novelty Searches
  • Freedom to Operate (FTO) Searches
  • State-of-the-Art Searches
  • R&D Background Searches
  • Patent Analysis and Landscapes
  • Competitive Intelligence (Technology or Competitor Based)
  • Current Awareness Alerts
  • Other Custom Projects

Patent searching expertise can be provided on a long-term or as-needed basis. Contact Palma Info to request a  patent search.

Databases for Patent Searches

Palma Info is skilled and experienced in using leading patent collections, scientific databases and patent analysis software including:

  • Derwent World Patent Index (polymer, fragmentation and patent classifications for international patents 1963-date))
  • Patent Analysis: Thomson Innovation, Innography, Pantros, CAS Anavist
  • Chemical Abstracts (patents and literature 1907 to date)
  • Chemical Abstracts Registry File (registry number identification & structure for over 90 million organic and inorganic compounds, and over 60 million sequences)
  • Encomplit & Encomppat (American Petroleum Institute literature & patents 1967 to date)
  • Over 40 country specific patent collections (e.g. Inpadoc, Japio, Korean Patents)

New Patents Found

“A compliment to your work is that many [patents] were, in fact, new to me.”

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We need more searchers like Mary Ann who think a little bit and deliver a thoughtful extension to the initial request: to me you’re an angel who now has two halos.

Deep Satisfaction

“I just wanted to express my deep satisfaction with the quality of service that I receive from Mary-Ann Palma. She is responsive, turns things around in a timely manner and produces good quality work.”

Exactly Right

"This was exactly what I was looking for...Thank you for turning this around so quickly."

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