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Palma Information provides in house training and course development on technical information topics including:

“Chemical Tariff Classification for the Non-Chemist”
Developed training materials & presented course for the non-chemist in Import Operations Department of Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company. Course covered classification of active pharmaceutical ingredients, chemical intermediates, finished pharmaceuticals, and use of the Pharmaceutical Appendix. [Sept. 2008]

“Chemical Information Retrieval”
Developed curriculum, materials and taught class at Benedictine University, 1999-2005

“Knight-Ridder Information’s ScienceBase: A Preview”
Information Today, April 1995 [I. Hartwell and M. A. Palma]

“Searching the Beilstein Database Online: A Comparison of Systems”
Database, Dec. 1990.  Vol 13, Number 6 [R. Buntrock and M.A. Palma]

“Meeting the Needs of the End User”
Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences, 1985, Volume 25, Number 4 [M.A. Palma and C. Sullivan]

“Meeting the Needs of the End User”
1984 American Chemical Society Symposia, St. Louis, MO [M.A. Palma and C. Sullivan]

“Online Search Strategies”
Knowledge Industries, 1980, edited by R. Hoover.  Co-authored chapter on Chemical Information: [R. Hoover and M.A. Palma]

“Information Technicians at Amoco Research Center”
ACS Technicians Symposia 1978, Naperville, IL [Mary Ann Spradlin (Palma) and
Vernon Slusar]


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