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Tariff Classification

If you're planning to import or export, Palma Information Consulting will classify your chemical/pharmaceutical product.
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Patent Searches

Palma Information provides comprehensive patent search and analysis service for state of the art, prior art, novelty, freedom-to-operate, infringement, and competitor awareness information needs.
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Technical Searches

Regardless of the research topic, Palma Information Consulting will find the information to answer your question.
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Information Retrieval and Search

maryann palma - palma information consulting, Inc
 Mary Ann Palma

Palma Information Consulting, Inc. provides information research and analysis for technical, business and management decisions.  Our expert staff can help your organization with U.S. and international patent searches, chemical and structure searches, phamaceutical, engineering, medical and clinical information retrieval and analysis.

Palma Information staff combines chemical expertise and tariff classification training to provide United States Harmonized Tariff Schedule [HTSUS] classifications for inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, pharmaceutical and biotechnology-derived therapeutic products. 

Search Types

Search Types:

  • Patent
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Regulatory
  • Competive Intelligence
  • Business information
  • Market Intelligence

Found Missed Articles

"Thank you so much for the literature search results! There is quite a bit of good information in it. You found several interesting articles that I previously missed. I think they will help my work a lot. Thanks for the comprehensive search. I really appreciate it."

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